Thursday, October 9, 2008

Clyde Petersen Animation

This new animated video for Deerhoof is being featured on the front page of YouTube today. I love the naive and raw style of animation made with paper cut outs. I decided I had to find more work from director-animator Clyde Peterson and was so excited by what I found. The work that I was able to find is a mix of live action and animation interspersed with whimsical theatrical elements and shot on imperfect film, maybe a super 8 camera?

I love the handmade signature that canvases the projects, can't wait to see more from Peterson in the future, enjoy.

Deerhoof "Chandelier Searchlight"

Thao Nguyen "Bag of Hammers" Clyde Peterson with Forrest Baum

Jeff Hanson "If I Only Knew"

Laura Veirs "Cast a Hook in Me"

Thao "Swimming Pools"