Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shepard Fairey at the Boston ICA

Today is an exciting day. I had the privilege to attend the pre-show of the Supply and Demand Exhibit at the ICA this morning and was blown away by the collection of work, the themes which Shepard Fairey has continued through his 20 year career, the insight and clarity of messages that the artist has successfully delivered though his art and medium of the streets, and the way he has embraced advertising methods as a tool to brand his own art and reach an audience while questioning the same techniques when used as propaganda. With his cumulative success and new found audience through the Obama Hope project, Fairey truly lies at the intersection of art and commerce. 

The video below shows Fairey elaborating on the origins of the Andre The Giant, OBEY image.

I will have much more on the exhibit throughout the week so check back often! For previous posts on Fairey look here.