Friday, May 22, 2009

New Illustrations from Mario Sughi

I awoke to find these colorful, intriguing, and delicately sexy illustrations from Mario Sughi in my in box. The vignettes seem to me like snap shots of idle moments within larger scenes of action. I was instantly drawn in first by the lines and colors only to be held further with exploration of the scene and the possibility of moments that might occur immediately after these freeze frames which may or may not hold any significance in and of themselves.

Mario was kind enough to offer some of his own thoughts about these latest illustrations, all of which were created in the last three or four months:

My first preoccupation is always about forms and colors. And my aim is to create balanced, elegant and clear images. They are very colourful but when they are terminated I regard them successful only if, despite the strong colors, their main quality is still a delicate one.

All of them focus on people and apparently there is always a sort of narrative going on.

The main feature of both the figures and narrative moving in those illustrations is a sense of lightness that at moment becomes almost emptiness, with the result that at any moment those figures (the women as well as the men) can lose entirely all their possible meanings.

thanks so much Mario! To see more of Mario Sughi's work visit Dripbook.