Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jeff Scher Animates The Little Drummer Boy for Bob Dylan

Every now and then i see some work that blows me away and when researching the artist more i can't help but ask - have i been living under a rock?

I saw this new video for Bob Dylan's rendition of Christmas classic The Little Drummer Boy on Motionographer and was totally wowed by the dreamy surrealist take on animation, a painters perspective on animation, with all of the beautiful imperfections and personal translations built right in. I have this watercolor of Paris in the rain bought off the street while studying abroad with the people represented by impressionist streaks of oranges, purples and reds that immediately comes to mind.

i had to see more from animator Jeff Scher and felt like an excited child as i watched all of the work i could find by the artist.

No Time


L'eau Life

Milk of Amnesia

there is plenty more about Jeff out there go check out his website for more info about his paintings and animation.