Monday, February 22, 2010

Experimental Films for MAC Cosmetics from We Are Plus

MAC cosmetics, a brand not particularly associated with broad advertising campaigns, has been utilizing these complex, colorful and sexy brand films to help support the company culture and style for a number of years. The films are used in a range of ways from website and in store visual material to corporate messaging, supporting the brand in a visceral visual sense that has helped to define the voice of the company.

The newest brand film, "Spring Color Forecast" is true to it's title in that it is a visual montage color study incorporating and playing with the key colors of the new spring line. Much more of an experiment in sound, color and filmmaking than an advertisement, you can see how the typical responders and target audience may not be the Cover Girl wearers of the world.

MAC Cosmetics "Spring Colour Forecast" from We Are Plus on Vimeo.

We Are Plus has been the production company of note for MAC Cosmetic's branding video for the last seven years and have amassed quiet the portfolio of work for the brand. This piece, "d'Bohemia" speaks to me with it's vintage sea side holiday aesthetic, i love the postcard writing that leads you through the story, and the subtle animation used to bring the vignettes to life.

MAC Cosmetics "d'Bohemia" from We Are Plus on Vimeo.