Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brand New School Uses Stop Motion to Animate 2010 AICP Sponsor Reel

Brand New School goes old school with a low-fi stop motion sponsor reel for this year's AICP awards. The team took advantage of the rich grimy streets of New York and used them as their abstract art backgrounds to illustrate the corporate sponsor titles. I just love the peeling paint and layers of old posters and graffiti they chose to use, such rich unique images that only time and exposure on the New York streets can create.

Here's the brief on the process from the Brand New School team:

Embracing Brand New School's passions for animation, photography and filmmaking, the team first created logo animations and printed those frames on individual, brightly colored pieces of paper. Then, armed with a Canon 5D, tape, and a small fleet of bicycles for transportation, they spent 5 days traveling multiple boroughs capturing the footage. "For each company's mark, we devised animations and then scoured neighborhoods in search of locations for them that would all work together," said Adolfsen. "We tried never to repeat ourselves, each time trying to raise the bar. It was like a big game, played on the walls and streets of the city." Music and mix credits for the Sponsor Reel go to the incredible talents at Stimmüng.