Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ray Ban Never Hide Booth Remix

Ok, so I'm a little slow on the uptake on this one, the Never Hide Booth was actually set up by Ray Ban during the SXSW festival this June. But how cool is this mix? Squeak E. Clean & Rossangeles mixed the audio from the booth together to make a song - love it!

I think it's super cool....and just because I feel like it, here is the viral sensation that is a couple years old now, the Ray Ban Sunglasses Face Catch. Enjoy!

Montreal's Departement Does It All

Boutique Creative Studio Departement, based in Montreal, has just finished their latest project, a music video for The Cliks. The artfully crafted film showcases beautifully realized high speed footage, an eerie looming cloaked character, and lots and lots of film magic.

Departement has their hands in interactive design, branding, immersive design and direction and clearly is skilled in all aspects. Check out their latest demo reel for the full spectrum of their capabilities. I'm impressed by their diversity, a testament to their range in skills.

"We want to push things further into immersive design, music video,sound design and commercial campaigns (TV and Interactive)." said Thibaut Duverneix a Director/Creative at Departement "We love the creative process and experimentation, we also develop our own tools to create exciting design, imagery, sound and experience."

I can't wait to see what lies in their creative future.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Typography and Toyota

To promote Toyota and type design (OK just Toyota,) Toyota Belgium, pleaseletmedesign, interactive artist Zachary Lieberman, and professional driver Stef van Campenhoudt created a font - yep - with a car. It's called iQ.
Cool right? The font it's self is pretty, but the colorful digital tracks of the tires are beautiful. Check out the making of below..and download the font for yourself here!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Want the Moon? Moon Advertising Could be Yours

Talk about the sky's the limit, you're guaranteed to reach your target demographic but it's the ultimate blemish on the horizon and man made noise in the sky, unavoidable unless you happened to be locked in jail or a stuck in a cave - but then we dont need you to buy our products anyway - advertising on the moon. launched bidding on the first Moon ads July 20th to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing starting at $46,000.

What do you think - brilliant or so wrong you can't find the words? I'd love to hear your thoughts! For more info check out MoonPublicity.

Monday, July 27, 2009

HBO Voyeur Project

Motionographer has a fantastic post featuring building projections up. It's a must check out. They are focusing on projects that use the existing architecture as an integral part of the projection, windows look like buttons, a castle deconstructs a la the Escher staircases in Labyrinth, is that a helicopter coming in for a landing? I love the combination of old and new to create unique and complex art pieces.

One of my favorite projection projects immediately came to mind as I was watching this collection, the HBO Voyeur project. In 2008 HBO created a projection installation on an apartment building in New York. The projection was a peek inside eight different apartment buildings, each with their own storylines to provoke the idea of what people do when they think no one is watching. The integrated project drove traffic to a wbsite where each story could be viewed in full and once at a time.

The integrated project was completed by a superstar cast including BBDO, Jake Scott, and Asylum, and went on to win shelves full of awards, including the Cannes Grand Prix in 2008. You check out images from the stories via Flickr and check out the archived website to navagate the stories yourself.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking Back at Heinz Edelmann

Designer Heinz Edelmann, of Yellow Submarine fame, passed away this week at the age of 75. He was a contemporary of Milton Glaser, adopting a psychedelic animated style which came to be synonymous with his name following the success of the 1968 Beatles Film. Enjoy.

Knight Fever

Knight Fever is an animated short from Christopher Minos of CRUSH in the vein of a classic light-hearted Saturday morning cartoon, with a unique visual style that is part 2D and part 3D. Minos has been working on the film as a labor of love over the last 2 years with it's first public showing next week at the LA Short Film Festival.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When I See an Elephant Fly

The newest in The Viral Factory's campaign for Samsung will throw you for a loop! The viral starts like many of the public stunts I love so much, I was ready for the crowd to break out singing or dancing - but what happens I never saw coming - fantastic!

Piccadilly Circus - shoulda saw it coming!

Painting to Music

This unofficial video for Metronomy song "On the Motorway" is a pure expression of sounds as visuals. The colorful, dancing paintings are mesmerizing and totally in sync with the music resulting in what I think is a really unique and complete audio visual experience. Very cool and very inspiring. It reminds me that visual expression doesn't need to be figurative or literal to be affective and brings me back to the vegetable orchestra assignment I had in school.

Music Painting by JUL & MAT from JUL & MAT on Vimeo.

Get out the finger paints, put on your favorite album and have at it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PES Launches Into Outer Space

Speak of the devil! It's new work from PES! This spot for Bacardi is via David and Goliath and so well timed with the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing. Enjoy.

Stop Motion Lego Arcade Games

I think I'm going to declare today a day of Legos! Check out these fabulous stop motion retro video games recreated with the classic toy. They are all there, Pac Man, Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, Frogger and more. This guy is good - look out PES!

Lego Celebrates 50 Years

Lego, who has a recent history of great ad campaigns, celebrates its 50th Anniversary with iconic historical images recreated with Legos.

Wanna see some of that other work I referred to? Check it out, including the 2006 Cannes Lion Grand Prix winner "Parascope" which used only one word of copy...."imagine..."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Adore You

One of my favorite daily reads, Animation Blog, is featuring this hand drawn stop motion video to "I Adore You" from Melpo Mene animated by Dominique Bloink from Blue-Chocolate Designs.

I love the innocence that emanates from the imperfect sketches...and the floating puffy clouds. The bonus? There is another animated take on the same song, from Takashi Murakami that takes a completely differnt approach. Head over to Animation Blog to check it out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Coldplay Strawberry Swing

The newest from Coldplay has sent me back to my sidewalk chalk obsessed childhood summers - if I had only kept up with it...

The stop motion animated superhero story is from Director Shynola of The Directors Bureau. Check out the sneak peak below, and the fully release version here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Died Young, Stayed Pretty @ 303GRAND NY

303 GRAND and Street Attack hosted a Rock Poster Show at revolving storefront 303 GRAND last night to celebrate the documentary film, "Died Young, Stayed Pretty." The film, directed by Eileen Yaghoobian is appropriately, an inside look at the Rock Poster Subculture.

Check out the trailer below - the film premieres tonight in New York.

Check out more posters from the show on Street Attack's Flickr stream.

Street Attack is an ultra Hip marketing agency from Boston, there is sure to be more form them soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Fresh Air Fund - Looking for Racers

The Fresh Air Fund, a not for profit organization proving inner city children with free summer programs in rural settings or fresh air camp experiences, has put the call out for runners to participate in the New York City Half Marathon to raise money for the cause.

For more info on how you can participate or volunteer, check out the Fresh Air Fund website.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mophonics Helps Spread the Joy

This song gets stuck in my head - causing smiles and Charlie Brown-esque head bobbing. Can't place it? It is the sound track to a San Diego tourism spot-you can have a copy for yourself by spreading the joy below.

United Breaks Guitars

Almost 3 Million hits in a week, something's gotta be speaking to the people.

As a traveler with personal experience watching an airline throw and break Mike's guitar, only to later tell him they don't cover damage to "sound making devices" I can't help but love the sweet revenge being taken by Dave Carroll and the Sons of Maxwell - scream it from the mountain tops - United Breaks Guitars!

Nid and Sancy Kidzz from Little Red Robot

Still photos become an acid washed punk rock collage of moving images thanks to the work of Little Red Robot and director Seth Shukovsky. The original photos from nightlife photographer Merlin Bronques are chopped up, ripped apart and danced over with animated textures and creatures - it's as if the Nevermind the Bullocks album art came to life reworked for the new millennium. Check it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pretty Pretty Pretty Girls

Remember my wardrobe stylist friend Andrea? Well I have pics from her latest shoot! Beware - you'll be itching to raid her accessory closet, oh i live too far away, just when i thought i had enough belts and clutches!I love the mock paparazzi shots - so very LA. Once again photography credits go to Jon McKee.

Greer Robertson Stenberg Poses for Vidal Sasoon

Speaking of pretty girls, check out my friend Greer's work for photographer Damian Caputo.Yep, not only are my friends talented and stylish, but apparently they are gorgeous too! Now if i could only get Greer and Andrea in the same room - that would be magic!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Etsy Commercial Contest

The DIY marketplace is looking for an ad campaign, and what else would you expect than a contest from within it's own talent pool. Etsy has opened up the floor to their handmade audience to more or less - hand-make a commercial about an Etsy Handmade Moment. Checkout etsy for all the submissions and see below for some of my favorites. Shocker, they tend to be of the stop motion animated variety!

Evolution of the Intro Walt Disney Pictures

When we went to see Up last week we couldn't help but pause to think how far the Disney Pictures slate has come since we were young.

The simple 2D graphic is now a full fledged fly over of the majestic Cinderella's Castle, atmosphere and fireworks accounted for.

Poster Art from Small Stakes and Jason Munn

The Poster District is featuring new prints from The Small Stakes today. If you aren't familiar with the work of Jason Munn you're in for a treat.

Check out the eye candy here.

North Korea Launches Rockets and Beer Commerical

Drink up! You're gonna need it...

Maybe this is wrong, but it reminds me a bit of the Mr. Sparkle Commercial from The Simpsons, anyone else?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mario Sughi Salutes the King of Pop

With art.
Check out more of Mario's work here. Or visit his website.

Wicked Pissah! Are You Unique?

POLICE is looking for a new Younique face to represent the brand and have enlisted the help of The Viral Factory to spread the word. The online talent search is focused on the truly unique, good looks alone will get you nowhere - check out what this guy can do!

Think you should be in the running? Sign up here!

Everyone loves a good pee joke, The Viral Factory is definitely one of them, check out this viral from their archives.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Partly Cloudy: The Pixar Short Intro to UP

I had a date night to see Up this weekend, and boy i loved it. What a sweet, heart-felt and romantic movie that made me cherish the fact I am lucky enough to have a loved one by my side.

As a ramp up to the feature presentation, the smiles began with another, sure to be award winning Pixar short, Partly Cloudy. Partly Cloudy tells the story of where baby's come from - and where thunder comes from - in lively, laugh filled timeless and ageless cartoon humor.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

World Leaders Entertainment Animates Food Rescues

A slew of animated spots for New York's City Harvest Food Rescue are traveling the internet spreading the word about feeding the hungry by actually rescuing food via cartoon.

The spots are classic animated rescue scenarios, an evil doctor with a giant laser, a last minute pardon on death row, with food in the captive role. Full of food puns, the ads are light-hearted stories , taking only the issue of feeding the hungry seriously.

Butterfinger and Fried Green Tomatoes come to us via animation company World Leaders Entertainment. For more info about City Harvest and how you can help visit

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steven Meisel shoots Madonna for Loui Vuitton: Part 2

This follow up to the Spring/Summer Campaign for Louis Vuitton shot again by Steven Meisel, immortalizes Madonna in a lucid auras of light, absolutely beautiful.