Thursday, June 10, 2010

Biscuit Filmworks Brings Les Grossman back to the Screen for the MTV Movie Awards

If you've seen Tropic Thunder you know that the Tom Cruise character Le Grossman was one of the highlights of the film, especially his celebratory dance moves that take us out of the flick. This year to help promote the MTV Movie Awards Les Grossman releases a slew of promos (word is also promoting his own approaching feature film) from director AAron Stoller of Biscuit Filmworks.

I love the mock of the famous Risky Business scene, also originally played by Cruise.

Brand New School Uses Stop Motion to Animate 2010 AICP Sponsor Reel

Brand New School goes old school with a low-fi stop motion sponsor reel for this year's AICP awards. The team took advantage of the rich grimy streets of New York and used them as their abstract art backgrounds to illustrate the corporate sponsor titles. I just love the peeling paint and layers of old posters and graffiti they chose to use, such rich unique images that only time and exposure on the New York streets can create.

Here's the brief on the process from the Brand New School team:

Embracing Brand New School's passions for animation, photography and filmmaking, the team first created logo animations and printed those frames on individual, brightly colored pieces of paper. Then, armed with a Canon 5D, tape, and a small fleet of bicycles for transportation, they spent 5 days traveling multiple boroughs capturing the footage. "For each company's mark, we devised animations and then scoured neighborhoods in search of locations for them that would all work together," said Adolfsen. "We tried never to repeat ourselves, each time trying to raise the bar. It was like a big game, played on the walls and streets of the city." Music and mix credits for the Sponsor Reel go to the incredible talents at Stimmüng.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ford Fiesta's Crazy Choreographed Commercial

I love filmmaking that you can tell took a lot of work in the choreography and preplanning, it just reveals the art form and brain power a bit more in my opinion than something made completely in post - i guess i'm just a lo-fi type of girl. this new spot for the Ford Fiesta where signage and other ambient elements start to communicate with the driver makes me smile.

The agency responsible is super agency Team Detroit, the song is called "Janglin" from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Get HIm to the Greek Animated spot for Adult Swim

boy i have had the hardest time finding a copy of this animated spot for Get Him to the Greek that i saw late one night on Adult Swim. I love it and i'm not sure why they don't spread it around the superweb (i'm talking to you adult swim..)

All i was able to find out was that it was produced by animation studio Titmouse specifically for adult swim...check it out below. (yes i know it's via someone's iphone taping their tv but i'll replace it once a good copy surfaces i promise!)