Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brand New School Recycles Old Technology for HP

I think what I like most about this spot, (aside from the proud shiny tric that emerges from the garage excited to take on a sunny new day,) is the foundadtion it supports, E-Donor.

In an age where technology is changing and improving daily ( yeah, I bought the iPod mini - who knew they were gonna go smaller?) and at the same time we are more and more conscious about how our by-products affect the planet, recycling our electronics should become normal practice, shouldn't it?

I feel like not too long ago I couldn't give and old printer away-Goodwill wouldn't take it, recycling wouldn't take it-so I ended up with a museum dedicated to the evolution of the computer printer in my basement...time to clean that out!

The spot directed by Brand New School, via Goodby, Silverstein and Partners is called "Evolve." The song is "Regret"by Wye Oak.