Thursday, April 16, 2009

Animated Parallelostory from Impactist

As i mentioned yesterday Impactist is not only a photography team but also a directing team composed of husband and wife Daniel Elwing and Kelly Meador.

Their latest adventure is this sweet animated love story Parallelostory.

Parallelostory from impactist on Vimeo.

Here's a bit about the creative process from Kelly - if you weren't in love with Impactist already you will be once you hear from them in their own words - we should all be so lucky to inspire and be inspired by the ones we love! Thanks Kelly!

It's really a combination of things we enjoy that came together for this short story. Like never before, understanding of our universe and the idea of multiple universes seems to be popping up more and more in contemporary culture. We've always liked learning about these ideas and how they can interact with regular everyday life. Hence, the pairing of this with a small little quasi-love story. Simple, but a relatable way to bring in these slightly abstract notions like the way classic Twilight Zone episodes would wrap similarly grand ideas in easy to digest storytelling. And, we're married so that probably lets the sappiness seep into our work, smile!

Additionally, the visual style we developed, using paper textures and a muted palette, were so much fun on a prior project that we wanted a longer story to further explore this technique.