Thursday, July 30, 2009

Montreal's Departement Does It All

Boutique Creative Studio Departement, based in Montreal, has just finished their latest project, a music video for The Cliks. The artfully crafted film showcases beautifully realized high speed footage, an eerie looming cloaked character, and lots and lots of film magic.

Departement has their hands in interactive design, branding, immersive design and direction and clearly is skilled in all aspects. Check out their latest demo reel for the full spectrum of their capabilities. I'm impressed by their diversity, a testament to their range in skills.

"We want to push things further into immersive design, music video,sound design and commercial campaigns (TV and Interactive)." said Thibaut Duverneix a Director/Creative at Departement "We love the creative process and experimentation, we also develop our own tools to create exciting design, imagery, sound and experience."

I can't wait to see what lies in their creative future.