Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Music Videos of Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor is another one of my favorite artists, not only because of her infectious voice and talent for lyrical storytelling, but because of her mesmerizing music videos. Many times with animated elements (which you know I love!) to add a layer of fantasy, the visual interpretations of her work always augment her already complex works of art.

I was first introduced to Regina Spektor when a client of mine, a few years ago now, called Company X, was responsible for editing the video for On The Radio.
On The Radio Directed by Matt Lenski

Regina Spektor - Samson Directed by Peter Sluszka

Better Directed by Marc Webb

Laughing With Directed by Adria Petty

Eet Directed by Adria Petty

Fidelity Directed by Adria Petty

Regina Spektor - Us Directed by Adria Petty