Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outstanding Concert Video Backdrops

I found this awesome animated backdrop for Led Zeppelin's live performances of Kashmir in my Vimeo suggestions today. It was created by Steve Scott.

Led Zeppelin

I think it's amazing and mesmerizing and it got me thinking about all of the mind bending concert videos and backdrops I've seen in my life so I started hunting. Sadly I couldn't find much at all aside from video accompaniments for Madonna, Britney Spears and the Spice Girls...I've included some below.


Britney Spear Circus

I recently saw Elton John and Billie Joel perform, and one of the videos that I was digging for in particular was a copy of the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road animated backdrop. While I have yet to find it i wanted to share this backdrop for Your Song. It's very simple but somehow just simple enough that it doesn't take anythign away from the words - a great pairing I think.

Elton John - Your Song from Kate Dawkins on Vimeo.

If anyone has any other examples of Concert Backdrop Videos and Animation - I'd love to see them and add to this collection, please send them over!