Monday, August 3, 2009

Steampunk in Stop Motion

When The Falcon popped up on my Vimeo list this morning I was just thrilled, i love waking up to great creative ideas! It is a combination of some of my absolute favorite things, stop motion animation and vintage cameras - the result a Steampunk story about a cast of photographic characters battling exposure and depth of field.

As with most stop motion experiments, i first thought of PES, but then began to think of other Steampunk animated pieces that might be fun to dig up. What is Steampunk you ask? Steampunk is a subculture aesthetic that references the future using elements from our industrial past. Think gears, watch parts, and factory components combined to create something new. I think of Modern Times, Monty Python title cards, and the intro to You Can't Do That on Television.

Check out these commercials from 8fish that were featured as a part of this years' Addy Awards Ceremony, there were a total of 18 bumpers in the collection.