Monday, February 15, 2010

Animated Commercials of the Vancouver Olympics

Like much of the world i have fund myself glued to the Olympic coverage this weekend, more concerned with luge results and biathlons than i even knew possible, and i gotta say, where the Super Bowl spots might have fallen short i think the Vancouver Olympic Games commercials have been rather impressive. Feeling overwhelmed i thought I'd start to tackle the list with some of my favorite animated spots of the 2010 Winter Games.

To start it off, i found this spot for BBC Olympic coverage from AKA and thought it was a must see.

These spots for Diet Coke, directed by Pistachios via Blacklist and W+K are so simple, but i've been really drawn to the simple lately, with so much photoreal, and VFX skill a sweetly animated line drawing is what i find cuts through the clutter to reach me.

Honda Crosstour, i love these throwback animated spots from director Andy Hall of Elastic, though the campaign began late last year the spots are all over the Olympic coverage.

Visa "Julia Manscuso" , a lot of the Visa Go World spots are fantastic for different reasons, (the Dan Jansen spot makes me misty every time i see it) but i love the minimal hand made feel the brand went with for this animated story of drive and accomplishment.