Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Brief Guide About Bridesmaids

After performing maid of honor duties in two weddings in the last two years I found myself hooked on wedding planning sites. The production designer in me loves the the idea of having and amazing budget to basically set decorate one big room for a day, and the girl in me can't help but pick and choose the elements that - at the moment - would be perfect if I was to be forced to plan my own wedding. ( don't get scared Mike!)
That being said, I couldn't resist when i saw this short, A Brief Guide About Bridesmaids, on Feed this morning.

The film was made by Amber Mackay, Nicolas Alexander and Yaniv Fridman for a class at the Vancouver Film School. The end result is darling, and they even have a blog dedicated to the making of where they share the secrets of their creative process.