Friday, March 7, 2008

RIME (aka Jersey Joe) Show Opens at Ghettogloss

Graffiti Muralist RIME opens a new show in Silverlake tonight. I read the news on Lurker, an LA Weekly blog dedicated to street art in the Los Angeles area, one of my favorite reads.

Jersey Joe is of particular interest to me, as he recently painted on camera for some Adidas spots. The commercials, which are about a year old now, show the process in a time lapse format, ultimately promoting a limited edition sneaker designed by the artist.

Part of what I love most about the spot below is the homage to street graffiti in the way we see the mural from start to finish and we also get to see it covered and turned back into a blank canvas.
It has to take a great artist to come to terms with the temporary nature of this art form, truly loving it for the process.

The commercials were produced by Guerilla fx.

*** check out photos from the show here.