Monday, March 10, 2008

Twist: Play With Yourself

These print ads are fun, kinda creepy, something about the reality of the dolls is a little weird, and that big reflection in the Dressing Room mirror is just scary. So I like them, and with a tag line of "Play With Yourself" all in all I think the ads are good. But. What the hell are they for?

I assume it's a clothing line, or accessories, fashion of some sort, but I can't find exactly what. I'm very frustrated. Normally I like to check out the product an ad is selling so I can form my own opinions about it. Do I think it's a good match branding wise and hey - I'm a woman, I'm all for doing some online shopping if the clothes is as interesting as the ad. But I can't find it.

I've googled "Twist," 'Twist Clothing," "Twist Play with Yourself," and many variations. I'm able to find other ad blogs with the campaign showcased but no one explains what they are for. They come from Grey Istanbul, maybe it's a local Turkish brand? If anyone can shine any light on them I'd be very excited.