Sunday, August 10, 2008

United Airlines Debuts Animated Commercials on the Olympics

United Airlines has launched a delightful series of animated spots to coincide with the programing of the Olympic Games. I've been watching the Olympic commercials like they are commercials during the Super Bowl, waiting for something to stand out, and these are the first that really do for me. They are playful, colorful, and just hearing Rhapsody in Blue instantly connects to the brand - I know what spot is on even when in another room.

(pull down on white bar below spot to watch others)

"Sea Orchestra" by South African directing team Shy the Sun.
"Two Worlds" directed by SSSR, a Norwegian and Japanese team, who was responsible for the monochromatic art and Gaelle Denis, a French director, who was responsible for the colorful animated portions.

"Heart" by director Jamie Caliri who combines stop motion animation and paper puppetry. "Heart" also features a special rendition of Rhapsody in Blue performed by Herbie Hancock and Lang Lang.
You can find lots more about the campaign here.