Friday, January 9, 2009

The Art of the Title Sequence

My wonderful boyfriend stumbled upon an amazing archive of inspiration that I just had to share -The Art of the Title Sequence. Mike happens to work for a company that does high end digital renderings for architecture, so I'm sure this will mean endless inspiration for his projects as well, but he said something kind of sweet that reminded me what a true filmmaker he was even with his present day digital immersion, "...makes you think about all the work that went into them and the arguments that went on across some Hollywood conference room table about all of the intricacies that we now take for granted." So true isn't it? I mean even when I was in film school a double exposure was a tricky, and risky thing to pull off!
Not only does the site archive some of the best title (and end) sequences, but it also has details about the creation on a number of them. The projects range from High Fidelity to Delicatessen, Vertigo to Twelve Monkeys, and include many that I have featured previously, including Juno, Thank You For Smoking, Six Feet Under and True Blood.