Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Explosure of Photographer Tierney Gearon

I have had the pleasure to work with photographer Tiereny Gearon in the past as a young publicist to promote her 2006 "Mother Project." Not only was i honored then to be able to speak with her and explore her creative process, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of her body of work which is so personal and raw, yet so beautiful and human all at the same time. She is bold enough to use her own children and family as subjects without censoring her creative vision, something that initially created a stir that ultimately helped to fuel her popularity.

hat being said, I was thrilled to discover she has a new show "Explosure" in which her signature style is infused with the context of double exposures giving even more meaning to the family oriented images. The result is stunning - the photos are almost like illustrations telling a dreamy personal narrative. Gearon's talent with a lens, to me, is the ultimate example of letting others view the world through your eyes.

Explosure is showing at Phillips de Pury's London gallery